The Guardaplex line of products actively protects our clients worldwide in a diverse range of markets and industries, including, but not limited to:



We have found that many such facilities are fairly accessible and employee security awareness is often lacking or weak. 


The security needs of financial institutions are complex – facilities, people, operations and customer information all need to be protected.


Companies require investing in security technology solutions with the intention of increasing security, protecting people, and solving security issues.


We can accommodate a complete spectrum of operational needs, and OSHA, EPA and MSDS regulatory requirement compliancy.


Currently colleges and universities are among society’s most vulnerable and exploitable targets for anyone seeking to cause harm and fear.


Inventories are major assets and protecting them is key for any successful loss prevention including high quality security services built through specialized training.


From the moment we receive your Request for Proposal, we focus on working with you to ensure that the product solution we offer meets and exceeds your expectations for effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Our services include:

  • Retail Security
  • Training
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Consulting

Our broad portfolio of video surveillance products are used by major schools and universities, government agencies, correctional facilities, retail stores, sports and entertainment facilities, casinos, and in many other commercial and industrial environments throughout the world.

We regularly update our existing products and introduce new technologies. While technological innovation is important, we ensure that new product development addresses all the concerns paramount in the world of security and life safety today, including; performance, quality, ease of installation, maintenance and use. We provide extensive training to make sure our customers understand how to get the most from their systems.

We have been proudly serving our customers since 2003. Our wonderfull and savy staff have diverse backgrounds that include: aircraft electrician, hometheater automation and access control specialist, military, business major, and students. We are a minority woman owned business and an equal oportunity employer.

We are open M – F, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., so in case of any emergence we can easily be reached. To find out more call us today using the information displayed below.


To establish a partnership.

With the Guardaplex product line we strive to establish a partnership with our clients and in the global security business that is recognized as a thriving force of knowledge, quality, accessability, affordability, and unsurpassed customer support.

Because of what we stand for.

We believe everyone is entitled to “FREEDOM”, to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their assets.

In partnering with our clients we believe in “FREEDOM” from contracts and unreasonable monthly fees. We stand for cost-effective security solutions, quality, and peace of mind.

Because of what you can expect.

  • Support and Product Knowledge
  • Quality World-Class Security Products
  • Constant Design Evolution
  • Industry Leading Warranties
  • Individual Attention

Because of our approach.

Our success is completely predicated on being in the know, connecting and listening to our clients while providing opportunities to grow for our partners. Because we never underestimate the value of security and peace of mind, you can securely transcend into the future with us.